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A software testing course is ideal for candidates who want to start a career in IT but have limited knowledge or interest in programming. It is specifically designed to help candidates learn different testing tools and enjoy finding bugs. The most popular software testing course is the ISTQB Foundation certification training course. As development and testing environments are working in an Agile environment, recently the ISTQB Agile Tester course has gained popularity.


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Software testing is an important process without which no website, software or apps can be or should be released. Testing is essential to make software usable. We feel, there will never be a shortage of career opportunities in the software testing field now and into the future. To help you build a career in software testing, we offer a vast range of certification courses for professionals who want to learn and gain insight into manual and automation testing. Software testing ensures the delivery of a quality product to the customer and helps to eliminate risks and problems faster.

Depending on the course you choose, software testing courses start with an introduction to the different stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and the different SDLC models. Candidates learn the strategic approach to testing, its different levels, and how to document the development process. After completing the software testing course, candidates can build on relevant skills, knowledge and internship experience to start a career in this field.

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